In the world of mass retail, product pollution, fast and unsustainable fashion, we dream of a sustainable, slow fashion, boutique brand that will find customers that love natural yarns, color and a business built on responsibility and respect for all the resources and people involved in the lifecycle of our knitwear.

We believe that most of us would think twice about buying cheap clothes if we would know what made that price possible - underpaid labour, more plastic in the yarn, etc. – and that a business build on transparency with regards to its ethical use of resources can find its place in an industry dominated by large corporations, and even send a message: ethical consumers exist, and in partnership with ethical businesses the process of producing and consuming textile can be improved.

Our way of producing knitwear:

For us, one of the essential components for the success of the knitwear are the yarns. The story of the knitwear we produce starts with the yarns. We have to fall in love with a yarn to decide to buy it; we need to fall in love with its story, its look, its feel and colours before we decide to invest money in a top quality product. When the colours we are after are not available, we get the yarns custom dyed for us. We might be a small business in the ocean of textile manufacturers, but the yarns we use set us apart and allow us to confidently say that we produce luxury knitwear; luxury that is not being dictated by the retail price of our clothes, but by the exclusivity and quality of the resources we use.

But while the quality and exclusivity of the yarns is very important, what is essential for us in choosing the yarn manufacturers we collaborate with is that they have responsible business models, showing resource stewardship, ensuring zero toxic discharges to the environment and that they follow and join traceability and sustainability programs, that they walk the talk.  

We want to do justice to these yarns by creating clothes that will be used for a long time, in many different settings, and will allow our customers to collect memories wearing them, not clothes sitting on a hanger.

We want to respect the fact that a woman´s body is in constant change, just like her lifestyle. 

When I look back at my wardrobe evolution through the last decade, most of the clothes can be categorized in “before-kids” stage, clothes that got packed away when I got pregnant the first time for what I thought is few months “before I get my body back”; the “heavily-pregnant” stage; the “few-more months-before-I-start-a-diet” stage; the nursing and maternity leave stage; the “back-to-office-but-can´t-fit-in-my-before-kids-clothes” stage, etc.

What has surprised me is how very, very few items of clothing moved with me from one stage to another. Some had the right design, but the fabric did not last, some had a design that did not accommodate the new lifestyle, when I don´t have the luxury to come home and change for every different activity I do throughout the day, combining child care, work, socializing, etc.

Of course there are clothes for different stages in our life, but surely we can have more quality items that are more versatile and durable.  So this is what we ask ourselves when are pursuing a design – could this be comfortably worn in different settings, and for many years? Can we make this a slow fashion item?

We also actively choose colours not based on their seasonal popularity, but covering colours that will suit customers from various personal colour seasons, year after year.

If you ask us who made your clothes, we actually can tell you the names of each of the persons involved in manufacturing our knitwear. We have chosen a medium-size factory in Transylvania that has welcomed us and our limited production, working with us to ensure that our designs are technically sound and produce top quality knitwear, guaranteed by their 22 years of successful deliveries to well-known international retailers.  It is paramount for us that the people who work on our clothes are our equals, doing their job in a safe and legal environment. We strongly believed that given the information no one will choose to produce and buy cheap clothes at the expense of unprivileged women and children being exploited in other areas of the world. For that we will offer you full transparency with regards to the manufacturers we will collaborate with.

As soon as it is produced, we are making our knitwear available for sale and ship it world-wide from our office in the vicinity of the factory. In this way we reduce the need for additional shipping of the clothes from the manufacturer to us, and ensure that the clothes leave for their new home freshly washed and ironed, that they do not spend weeks or months in transport containers or in warehouses, and that they arrive to you as soon as possible in impeccable ready-to-wear condition.  

Each item comes with a cotton dust bag for extra protection, and the cashmere jumpers are accompanied by a piece of cedar wood for protection against moths.

In an industry where mass production is the recipe for profits, we dare to have very limited production per model, offering you an item exclusive not only through the yarns and the way it is produced, but also through being available to a limited amount of customers.

As for our prices, the customers we have in mind when we put forward our products have the ability of recognizing the value of a quality and ethical product while being able to appreciate that our prices are not designed for instant profits, but for creating a long term relation with customers that share our views on sustainable and slow fashion.

And to prove that we walk the talk, we have more than big words to show for ourselves: our first collection, produced on these standards and values, is ready to be released and we are looking forward to meeting you, our first followers and customers <3. 


Sincerely yours,

Ami Amalia