Patterns are a fascinating chapter of the fashion psychology, some ingrained in our common visual images, despite, or probably because of, their continuous presence over a long period of time.

One of the patterns that has been a favourite of mine, if not to call it an obsession, is in fashion famously associated with leather work, especially the Chanel quilted handbag, and the intrecciato – the pleated leather works from Bottega Veneta.

I have been looking for this pattern in knitwear, and as soon as we started our own production – with our own machines and employees and with the luxury of not looking at a sweater in terms of how many minutes it takes to knit, but in terms of overall item worthy of being called a slow fashion, wardrobe jewel  – this was one of the first patterns we started working on.

And as “simple” and minimalistic as it seems, it was not easy 🙂 For the first try, after countless hours of the machine knitting, we could hardly see one centimetre of the sweater being knitted. I was just sitting on a chair in front of the knitting machine and waiting, waiting, waiting…. It took us some time to figure out the right machine, yarn, square size, machine parameters, etc. – but finally we came out with the current format. It is still a labour of love for the machines, and definitely not a model for mass production. In factual terms: it takes about 1 kg of wool, and the time usually allocated in fast fashion to producing at least 6 sweaters.

Visually, it is everything we were hoping for, and more importantly, for comfort and feel exceeded our expectations. An instant success with stylists and fashion forward customers, the original version is made from an organic, undyed, Andean wool.

True to our commitment to our customer community, we are exploring the joy and power of colour in each of our designs, so also for this we have put together a selection of colour options, from neutrals (Anthracite, Nordic Grey, Latte) to jewel tones (Blue, Purple, Orchid, Raspberry ) to powerful melanges (Fire, Shades of Grey, Shades of Sky, Forest ).

As we know slow fashion is possible only when the clothes feel like they are made for you, so this sweater is easily customisable, with three sleeve lengths and two overall sweater lengths available in the webshop, and even more changes possible with a full custom request at

For inspiration on how to style it, have a look at the ELLE Romania’s Fashion Director video showing two different looks for this sweater and be inspired to experiment more!

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