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Creating a product has, besides the artistic side, a certain amount of responsibility for the resources that will be used. This social responsibility element is so crucial in establishing a sustainable business, for a better community.
We do our best to create garments that bring something new, improved to what is already on the market, garments that will do justice to the yarn used, garments that will create value for our customers, helping them also express through their clothes their inner style.

Japanese artdye “Ocean”

 354.62  177.31
Japanese space-dyed merino sweaters, electric elegance.
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Japanese artdye “Raspberry”

 354.62  177.31
Japanese space-dyed merino sweaters, electric elegance.
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What is artdye and space-dyed ?

Beautiful, adventurous, electrifying space-dyed yarns are known to a limited number of people, especially connoisseurs of the hand woven, hand knitting communities, where known artisans dye yarn in small quantities in custom palettes.

We like to think space-dyed yarns are a way of subverting uniformity in fashion because no two skeins are the same and thus, none of the garments conform to a consistent look.

Space dyeing involves injecting or dipping multiple colors onto yarn to give a random application of colors. These colors may harmonise or seemingly be at odds with each other but the overall effect when woven into garments is electric, mesmerizing and blended to give an overall mélange of hues.

While exploring the excellence of Japanese silks for our production we became fascinated with the appearance of the space -dyed tussah silk we used in our Haru jewel sweaters. So fascinated that we wanted to re-create this appearance in a yarn that is easier to care for and will allow us to create a sweater for frequent and intense use, and also a product at a lower pricing point compared to the very exclusive Japanese silk.

Our color combinations

We commissioned the Japanese spinners to create a space-dyed extrafine merino yarn for Ami Amalia. We choose the merino from batch from few types that were available, opting for one with more twist and softness. We requested three of the color combinations from the Tussah silk to be transferred to this merino, and also to create for the first time a rainbow combination.

1. Ocean – echoes of an azure sea with its glimmering blues and greens picked out by darker depths of aubergine that signal the deeper, hidden, sea floor.

2. Sunset – picture the fading moments of the day’s golden hour as it turns over to the coming evening; that burst of colour across the sky in hues of greens, blues, pinks and yellows.

3. Rainbow – red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow…for the child and adult in you who sees the joy in a rainbow after rain

4. Raspberry – imagine picking ripe autumn berries on a lazy afternoon. We realised this in blends and clashes of gold, pink, purple and blues to effect the juices on your hands and the sunshine on your skin. Delicious.

Japanese artdye “Sunset”

 354.62  177.31
Japanese space-dyed merino sweaters, electric elegance.
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Japanese artdye “Rainbow”

 354.62  177.31
Japanese space-dyed merino sweaters, electric elegance.
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Each of the four will suit the best a different color analysis season but, to continue our subversion, we invite you to play with whichever you are drawn to.

But besides the stunning looks, this extrafine space-dyed merino sweaters get a standing ovation for how easy it is to care for without worries about pulls, pilling, or dry cleaning. We have tested the sweaters in various temperatures and are very pleased with its thermoregulating properties and how it behaves as a next to skin garment.


We have these sweaters available in XS, S, M, and L. They are true to generous sizes, but the model wear nicely in a size bigger as well. The sleeves are dramatically generous around the lower arms, and the ribbed cuffs allow you to wear the sleeves at various lengths.


The same care as described in our amiamalia.com/care section is recommended, and a video showing all those steps will be available this month as well.


Jeans of all colors. White trousers. Velvet trousers. Fine jewelry. A sparkle of joy in your eyes.

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