What do you understand when you see a label saying “Made in (insert country) ” ?

For a long time I thought that this is the country where the goods are produced. But then I learned otherwise. In some countries, if the majority of the cost for producing one item comes from your company’s country of registration, regardless of what country you produced your clothes in, you can label them as “Made in (your registration country)”.

As an example, the coveted “Made in Italy” label can be used for products that have a minimum of 2 manufacturing phases done on the Italian territory, where the spinning of the yarn can be one phase, and attaching the label to the product another phase, regardless of who actually produced the clothes.

Awareness of this loopholes, and not only, have started the #whomadeyourclothes movement. We will ensure full transparency about the processes involved in the making of our clothes.

Our clothes are produced at a reputable factory in the West of Romania, with more than 22 years of experience producing clothes for well known international brands.

We spend time at the factory and ensure that it complies with the applicable EU regulations.