Bomber jackets, double turtleneck, cashmere, silk blend, all these talk about a brand we freshly discovered and fell in love with.

AMIAMALIA is like a breath of fresh air for fall, winter and early spring. We’ve been craving for so long for an online shop where we can find a mix of sweaters and cardigans, and as it usually happens when we want something so bad, we found it. A sustainable, slow fashion boutique brand built on responsability and respect for resources and people involved in lifecycle of knitwear. They offer you luxury knitwear for reasonable prices and they to work with yarn manufactures that produce zero environmentally toxic discharges and follow sustainability programs.

Lynx "Red"

347.48 173.74
A majestic Lynx. Love for art, love for fauna, love for beauty
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Fine Silk Blend Two Tone Turtleneck "Solaris"

192.78 96.39
Italian fine silk blend turtleneck with a color twist for more fashion versatility and a new style statement.
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WOW Bomber, Blue

One of a kind bomber from Japanese yarn
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Why choose AMIAMALIA?

Because the design is timeless, because quality talks and you will have this piece for many seasons and will still look good and be stylish, they have limited production per model and you receive it home in a cotton dust bag for extra protection and the cashmere jumpers are accompanied by a piece of cedar wood for protection.

They convinced us to sustain a brand responsible for the resources they use, a brand that offers you amazing quality for reasonable prices and a brand that in the end is super cool and trendy

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: RETROS.RO
Sweaters&Cardigans: AMIAMALIA
Shoes: Gordana Dimitrijevic

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