Babycashmere shell, Midnight Blue


Contemporary vests from babycashmere.
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New yarns come and go, but babycashmere is there for us, as the perfect all-year-round garment.

And yes, we think that babycashmere and cashmere is perfect for summer as well.

We combined a relaxed fit and a versatile design with the thermoregulating properties of the babycashmere yarn and we are offering you a selection of our favorite neutrals and jewel colors, from white to hot pink.

For versatility: the babycashmere shells can be worn as a V-neck or as a boatneck-the design allows for both.

Some colors are from a cashmere blend yarn and some are 100% cashmere. If you do feel the difference in softness and comfort between these two yarns, we love you and let`s be friends forever – as this is something for yarn connoisseurs and people who pay attention to details, our favorite people.

100% babycashmere

We recommend the same hand wash care as for all the other cashmere garments. For more info visit “Care Section“.

Wear it:
– on bare skin
– over a contrasting color t-shirt
– over a turtleneck
– over a white shirt
– over another cashmere shell
– over a long dress
– under a cardigan
– under a jacket

Accessorize it with:
– a Chameleon necklace
– a silk scarf
– a brooch
– statement earrings

Pair it with:
– jeans (always a perfect choice for our knitwear)
– suit trousers- shorts

  XS (cm / “) S (cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “) XL (cm/”)
Total Length 60 / 23.62 62 / 24.40 64 / 25.19 66 / 25.98 68 / 26.77
Shoulders 53 / 20.86 55 / 21.65 57 / 22.44 58 / 22.83 61 / 24.01

*The cashmere shells are designed for a relaxed fit, with enough room to be worn over a shirt.
Choose a size smaller for a tighter fit.
The models are pictured here wearing a size S and would usually wear a t-shirt in size XS.