Crochet Tank Dress, Purple – Sale


Knitted dress from Italian mercerized cotton.

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These items are born from my observations and needs during treasured summer vacations: I wanted wrinkle-free items, ready to be worn right after travel, comfortable yet elegant, with a cooling effect but still some structure, with a silky, colorful appearance but easy care.

I am very excited to introduce you to this gorgeous Italian mercerized cotton that works so well in our dresses. The available colors are : Black, white, red, pink, orange, green, electric blue, sky blue, sea green turquoise

100% premium cotton.

While cotton is a bit more resistant to higher water temperatures and washing than wool, it can also be washed at temperatures of 30oC – 40oC and in shorter washing cycles, or even by hand. This reduces energy consumption and ensures the clothes retain their as-new look.

Measurements for this item:
Total length: 145 – 146 cm
Bust: 47 cm
Shoulders: 37 – 38 cm