#imperfect “Honesty”


Imperfect, I’m perfect. I’m perfect, imperfect.
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Words are all around us, in front of our eyes most of time, on our work computers, working files, mobile phones, advertising billboards, books of course, magazines, and have transitioned to the fashion industry more than ever. Brandmania, logomania, pop words, statements , exacerbated by the need for an item to be instagrammable and to pack a maximum marketing impact at a quick scroll, a quick glance. “A picture says a thousand words” goes the saying, but now, make that a thousand and few more. And of course, is the technology, and the knitting knowledge that allows us now easier than ever to put in knitwear our statements.

Why #imperfect?

After our #shepersisted sweater #imperfect is for me the realization that once we renounce our quest for perfection, once we embrace our “imperfections” as the features and traits that make us perfect, we are perfect.

Some of us have this realization earlier in their life, or have the family support to grow knowing this, but the pressure women feel from the society canons to model themselves to the public idea of perfection can go from being mildly undetected to causing low esteem for so many women. For me the motherhood put me face to face to the choice of accepting myself as I am. Imperfect, I am perfect. I am perfect, imperfect.

We have asked one of our collaborators to share with us her thoughts on imperfection and perfection:

Perfect People Are Boring by The Outsiderz

Premium Italian cashmere blend, 30% cashmere and 70% fine lambswool. The same care recommendations as for our cashmere sweaters apply .

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#imperfect comes in a more casual look, making the contrast with a polished office or “out on town” outfit very stylish. We have also asked one of our collaborators to give us her views on how to wear cashmere sweaters this season:

How to integrate luxury knitwear into daily outfits by Couturezilla

S ( cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total Length 64 / 25.19 66 / 25.98 67 / 26.37
Bust 51 / 20.07 54 / 21.25 56 / 22.04
Shoulders 42 / 16.53 43 / 16.92 45 / 17.71
Sleeve Length 59 / 23.22 62 / 24.40 63 / 24.80

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