“My Stars” Sweater, Sagittarius, Navy – Sale


Custom sweater with own zodiac sign from Italian Extrafine Merino Wool.
Pictured here – Sagittarius



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Astrology, astronomy, to believe in one or none – all we know is for a fact our bodies are made from stardust , the sky is magic and so are we.
Custom sweater with your own zodiac sign.

100% Italian extrafine merino from a heritage Italian spinning mill, from Prato. No mulesing, 100% traceable, durable and sustainable yarn. ”Probably the best woollen wool in the world.”

For care, use our instructions for hand washing from our ”Care Guide”.

Blue jeans, khakis, leather trousers, voluminous skirts, military boots, high heel boots, sandals – mix and match! We see this with discreet jewellery, keeping the focus on the pattern and the highlight it brings to our face.

Measurements for this item:
Total length: 58 cm
Bust: 51 cm
Shoulders: 38 cm
Sleeve length: 60 cm