Heirloom Yarns

Nature is the perfect designer, creator and nurturer.

Natural wool and natural yarns are gifts of nature that need to be understood, appreciated, used with respect and enjoyed for generations.

Natural yarns do not equal animal cruelty. There are farmers who respect their animals and practice cruelty free farming, and there are yarn mills that offer traceability of the yarn back to the farm of origin.

Very important: some wools are shed by the animals, so the farmers only collect it, or comb it, not even cutting it from the animals. Among these the babycamel wook and the yak wool are worth a special mention. These are two truly luxurious yarns that we love to work with.

The properties and benefits of natural yarns are unsurpassed by man-made yarns. Natural yarns give comfort, warmth and are thermoregulating. No microplastics released in the water, no hormonal imbalances for the wearer.

With minimum care the natural yarns have longevity and can be worn for generations.

We offer care and repair support for all our items, as well as resources to assist our customers in caring for their clothes, including cotton dust bags to keep moths away, and cedar wood combs to remove pilling.

We could write pages about natural yarns, but we hope this gives you an idea of our dedication to them.

We work with international yarn mills that are even more passionate than us about these yarns, and we have selected a short list of yarns we strongly believe are worth your attention and deserve a place in your wardrobe, with the potential of becoming heirloom pieces in the future, for you to pass on to those dear to you.

We don’t know how special it will sound in 10-20 years that “This is a sweater from xxxxx brand”. But we are sure “This is a sweater from babycamel wool my mom wore when I was little” will speak volumes about the sustainability and style values we have instilled in the younger generations.

These are the yarns we invite you to discover with us. You can click on each and see what items we have available from these yarns, or contact us to assist you in choosing the best yarn and product for you, including designing a new item or customizing an existing one.

Babycamel wool

Yak wool

Black alpaca wool

Cashmere & babycamel, natural colors


Naturally dyed cashmere

Japanese silk & mohair

Organic babycashmereItalian extrafine merino

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