When a woman wears her right shade of red, she is powerful, confident, energizing.


Discover the power and beauty of all the red shades and order any of our products in your favorite red

Assistance :

Feel free to send us your picture and get our recommendation for you, we know through screens is hard to see the right tone and color.

Below, examples of the red shades included, we extended to shades of dark red, pink and orange.

FIRE RED – available in wool, merino, Italian cotton, cashmere.

RED – available in Italian merino and French cotton.

CANDY PINK – available in Italian merino and Italian cotton

PEACH FLOWER – available in Italian merino

SICILIAN ORANGE – available in Italian merino

PLUM, DARK RED – available in wool and Italian merino.

ORANGE – available in Italian merino

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

With love,

Your knitter, AmiAmalia ❤️

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