See below the entire editorial and read the interview with Cleo here.

The “Sculpture” jacket has been the first choice.
For the cover the winner choice was a medium length jacket, in lemon yellow, knitted from Italian extra fine merino. It is styled with a sheer, long skirt knitted from the same yarn, but in a different structure, showcasing the luxury of the natural yarn and the versatility the technology brings to our products. The look is completed with a pair of colourful socks knitted again from the same yarn, and the green shoes tie together this look.

Discover here:
Sculpture Jacket, Medium Length –
Sheer skirt –
Socks, Medium Length –

Of course, the “Romanian Blouse” Cardigan, the most appreciated AMI AMALIA piece internationally, could not be missing from this project. It was the piece that caught the attention and appreciation of Cleo zu Oettingen-Spielberg and served as the catalyst for the royal outfits featured in this editorial.

Discover here:
Romanian Blouse Cardigan V2 –

The “Maxima” sweater has been a favourite in the power sleeve category, and this season’s version come in a tight body, and with the option for a two colour combination in the balloon sleeves.

Discover here:
Maxima Sweater V2 –
Jaquard Long Skirt –

For the castle’s fairy-tale ballroom the AMI AMALIA signature red color was used for a long Sculpture coat with matching tights, all knitted from Italian extra fine merino wool.

Discover here:
Sculpture Coat V2
Knitted Leggings –

“Gilded Perfections” is one of the successful sweaters created by AMI AMALIA, and due to customer demand, it is now available as a jacket as well. Cleo’s outfit was complemented with a long skirt in ultramarine blue – a perfect match with the sweater.

Discover here:
Gilded Perfections as Cardigan
Jaquard Long Skirt –

A novelty introduced by AMI AMALIA in this year’s collection is the blend of 30% silk and 70% mohair, seemingly specially designed for this set: the sweater with open sleeves and the long skirt.

The oversized knitted coat, long and ample garments are likely the most representative pieces for AMI AMALIA. And for this project, she has created an oversized coat, accentuating the feeling of comfort elegantly combined with freedom of movement.

The pink look was a surprise look, totally unplanned. AMI AMALIA knew one of Cleo’s favourite places is the Atacama desert (her mother is Chilean) , and played with its technology to create a bomber inspired by the rare images with the desert in bloom, The signature AMi AMALIA balaclava and the elegant jacquard skirts are always on set, as “just in case” styling items, and together with a special pink room at the castle the entire concept came together. AMI AMALIA creates on order coats with customer’s preferred images and photography to showcase how customers and technology can create together true personalised garments.

Cashmere is, of course, the royal of the luxury yarns. But not all cashmere is created equally, and AMi AMALIA chose an exclusive, undyed cashmere,  spun in a voluminous fibre to create a cardigan and skirt set, with a casual look, but a royal feel and value.

Ami Amalia’s known long cape , in royal blue, knitted also from premium yarn felt at home. It was styled with our signature two-tone turtleneck, accessorised with knitted socks and and statement yellow platforms.

Discover here:
Long Cape –
Two-Tone Turtleneck –
Socks, Medium Length –

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