Based on the stock availability you may exchange an item for a different size. If that item is not available anymore, you may return it for a store credit.

We will do our best to knit to measure, but please note that the natural yarns are flexible, each color behaves and knits differently. The knitting industry has an accepted tolerance of +- 2 cm per measurement parameter, and in coats, dresses and skirts the length will modify with wear.
We reserve the right to retain 100% of the product value after 2 modifications to accommodate required sizing, or when the sizing requirements change.

If the customer wants to wait to exchange an item with another from a future collection, the amount already paid can remain in the customer’s account until such item is available for purchase.

A product can be exchanged with any other product, if the price of the new purchase exceeds the amount of the previous one, the customer will pay the difference. If the price of the new purchase is lower, AmiAmalia will refund the difference to the customer.

Please notify us of your intent to exchange an item as soon as possible at

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