The Individual Order is a project driven by our commitment to explore all possible ways of creating beautiful, luxurious knitwear while being as sustainable as possible.

It is clear to us that The Individual Order is not something that can be scaled, and this is a plus that our boutique size and the fact we are an independent brand, with our own investment, offers us:  We can pursue that we feel is right, and not what looks good in the accounting books.

So, rather than keeping a stock of all our items even produced, just to realised we don’t have the exact colour and size combination a customer would like, we will keep our library of designs and production programs, and allocate production time for individual orders.  A pink Mother Goddess with gold letters, in 100% cashmere and in size S for body, but longer sleeves? We will not produce or keep stock of that, but we will definitely make one for you based on an individual order.

How will we price that ?

We will look at the price of the particular item we have produced in the past and offer a 20% discount on that.

Why discount, and not charge more, since is more work ?

Because the success of this project is very important for us. It marks a change in mentality, from the costumer wanting what the marketer tells her she needs, as a mass produced item, and wanting it NOW, to the consumer being patient and ordering an item that represents their individuality, and item made uniquely for her, a slow fashion item.

Because by reducing the money invested in stock we can free up funds for product development, for yarn research – aspects that are very important for us.

When do we charge the money for the product?

You can purchase a 50 Euros Individual Order voucher from our webshop.

We will contact you to get the information about the item desired, colour, size, etc.

We will ensure the request is possible (we can not make a bomber from extrafine merino, or a Mother Goddess from chunky silk, for example) and we will give you the delivery time and final price. The 50 Euros voucher will count towards this final price.

We will invoice you 50% of the item value upon confirming the order, and the remaining amount when the item is ready for shipment.

How long can it take?

It can take as little as one week, but when the yarn is not available in the colour desired we can agree to order that yarn and factor in the time required for the yarn delivery.

Can I return an item made on an Individual Order ?

Items made especially for you can not be returned or exchanged. If the items have manufacturing defects, yes. But we would not ship an item with manufacturing defects in the first place.

How to order?

Visit out website and purchase a Reservation for an Individual Order voucher.


*WOW products, “Imagine, A Coat “ products, or products created for individual order from the start are excluded from the 20% off offer.


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