Cleo Zu Oettingen-Spielberg is part of one of the oldest noble Bavarian families, but she is also an influencer and model. From this position, she accepted our challenge to wear the latest knitwear collection by Ami Amalia right in her own castle, dating back to 1100. Here are the results!

1.     When and how did you discover your passion for the fashion industry?

I have always liked fashion, but my passion started in Paris. I lived there for four years as a university student and was fascinated by the style of Parisian ladies and by their natural elegance.

2.     How can you describe your style?

I feel like it’s constantly changing. I like to combine feminine and masculine styles as well as colours and patterns. Some days it can be very sleek all in black, some very bright and funky. It really depends on my mood and where I’m going that day. Comfort plays a huge part in my daily style. I like to feel goo, that’s  more important to me than looking good.

3.     What does Instagram mean to you? You have an impactful appearence on Instagram. How do you manage to do it?

I enjoy Instagram and feel like it can connect you to people and I see it as a way to express some of my creativity. On the other hand I feel it’s important to be able to enjoy moments without having the feeling of having to document it all and share it online.

4. How do you harmonise being part of one of the most longevive Bavarian noble families, with a heritage domain and castle from 1100’s and the dynamics  of raising three children in a modern world ?

My father in law likes to say “Things must change and evolve, for them to stay as they are” meaning that as beautiful as tradition may be, we must modernise ourselves and be up to date to be able to continue making progress and evolving in all aspects of life.

We cherish and respect the responsibilities that have been handed l to us, but I personally don’t try to take myself too seriously.

I would like our children to have friends from different backgrounds and have all type of life experiences.

5.     I know you have a special relationship with the brand Ami Amalia, tell me about this, please.

I’ve been obsessed with cashmere for as far as I can remember. The fact that I can be comfortable, warm and still look good in an outfit, is a dream come true to me. I identify with the pieces and the brand. I had an instant connection with Amalia as soon as we spoke the first time and it’s an effortless and organic fit. It feels right to work with a brand, which believes in slow fashion and is sustainable in a world of mass production and consumption.

6.     How do you see yourself in 10 years?

That’s a great question and the answer isn’t fully clear to me. There are so many fields that interest me. Fashion, acting, art, writing, interior design, journalism and psychology. I want to stay busy and creative and continue to grow professionally and personally. I want to be the best mother and role model I can be to my children. The challenge is to combine work and family life and get the balance right but we can only do the best we can and live in the present which is something that’s easier said than done. I feel that good things are coming!

Photographs: Susan Buth
Producer: Domnica Mărgescu
Project Coordinator: Amalia Săftoiu

Makeup and Hair: Sarah Lucia Rabel
Location: Oettingen Castle.

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