3D Seamless T-shirt


3D Sweater (without seams) with french shoulder from Italian extrafine merino.

*Check additional colors available here or contact us at info@amiamalia.com.


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From a far looks like any other t-shirt. Come closer. This is knitwear intelligence, as the German technology manufacturer calls it. The t-shirt is knitted in one piece, without side seams or sleeve seams, for the maximum comfort and elegance. Is knitted as a sheer, thin, luxurious garment from a premium fine merino, the perfect layer to wear on your skin for maximum wellness throughout the year. Fine merino garments are a connoisseur’s choice for summer, as its regulates the temperature, humidity, neutralizes sweat odor, and it wrinkles in our luggage a lot less than a cotton t-shirt and it relaxes easily.  Summer friendly, travel friendly, planet friendly.


You can wear the classic T-shirt sweater in various combinations, from jeans skirt to wide leg trousers or suit pants. Style it with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a day look or opt for an oversized blazer and a few accessories, for a chic evening look. A cashmere T-shirt is the definition of in-between seasons clothing.

A cashmere T-shirt is never out of style!

XS (cm / “) S (cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total length 51/20.07  53/20.86 55/21.65 57/22.44
Bust 42/16.53 44/17.32 46/18.11 48/18.89
Shoulders 29/11.41 31/12.20 33/12.99 35/13.77
Sleeve length 27/10.62 29/11.41 31/12.20 33/12.99