Cardigan “Monaco”, Brown


A contemporary upgrade of the classic ribbed cardigan we all need.

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From classic movie stars, college professors and high-tech professional with a creative side to specialty coffee baristas and moms on a mission, this is the cardigan look capturing that confidence when you are comfortable with who you are and have a respiro, some quality time. It may very well happen when you are in Monaco 🙂
We added more plies to our classic ribbed cardigan, used a French shoulder design and a statement, generous collar for extra comfort, coziness and confidence.

Hand wash in lukewarm water with proper, mild detergent for natural fibres – please read about ”CARE GUIDE” instructions here, or contact us for more information.

For customised sizing, please discover our BUY BESPOKE section. Below are the parameters for our regular sizes for this product. As we work with natural yarns, and many colours, differences in sizing may occur.
Whilst the programming and the knitting are controlled by mathematics and technology, the washing, drying, linking, steaming and measuring phase of our products are done manually, by our employees. Our products are measured on our steaming table, on an angled , flat surface. Even in this setting the industry allows for a plus/ minus 2cm difference for sizing parameter. We present this information to raise more awareness about what is normal for quality knitwear from natural yarns, that have no plastic, and no chemical treatment that removes their natural elasticity and particularities.

XS (cm/”) S (cm/”) M (cm/”) L (cm/”) XL (cm/”)
Total Length  62 / 24.40  64 / 25.19  66 / 25.98  68 / 26.77  70 / 27.55
Bust  51 / 20.07  53 / 20.86  55 / 21.65  57 / 22.44  59 / 23.22
Sleeve length  62 / 24.40  64 / 25.19  66 / 25.98  68 / 26.77  70 / 27.55
Shoulders 41 / 16.14 43 / 16.92 45 / 17.71  47 / 18.50 49 / 19.29



800 – 900 grams of premium Italian fine merino, depending on the size. It will not feel heavy to wear, but compared to the cost/yarn-consumption-oriented, average commercial cardigans, we have used more than double the amount of yarn.
We think the weight of the natural yarn garments can have therapeutical, calming effects, feeling like an embrace, a hug of someone who cares. On that scale, this will feel like the hug of a friend close enough to take week-end trips away, regularly.


Level 5, we consider this a thick structure. (We use a scale from 1 to 7 for our knits). Thanks to the premium yarn used it remains fluid and luxurious, with a marshmallow softness. Can be used as a coat in spring and autumn as well, with a nice warm layer under.