Chunky Wool Skirt, Organic White


Midi skirt from organic wool.
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A small note about your 100% wool product:

We use an organic, undyed wool, from Peru.

Most of the white wool we see in the industry is still dyed, to obtain an uniform white.

The raw white sheep wool, in its organic state, will still have some shades of grey, and that might be visible in the knitting at a closer look. We feel it fits the product very well to have this yarn, making the product more authentic – the optic white is a modern yarn, after all. However, if you would prefer an immaculate white let us know and we will try to use a different white.

Thank you again for you support ♥️

100% Wool

A delicate gentle hand wash with special wool detergent and flat drying is the best care for any wool clothes. For more info visit “Care Section“.

You can wear the wool skirt with a soft cashmere sweater or a Two-Tone Turtleneck, add a pair of boots for the perfect autumn look. Stay warm this season and pair it with our new Knitted Structured Sweater!

White and neutral outfits have always been a symbol of refined taste <3

S ( cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total Length 92 / 36.22 92/ 36.22 92 / 36.22
Waist 33 / 12.99 35 / 13.77 37 / 14.56
Waist Band 6 / 2.36 6 / 2.36 6 / 2.36