Clouded Squares Jacket, short sleeve edition, 2020Blue


Knitted jacket with short sleeves and custom peony buttons, more colors available.

Check additional colors available here and indicate the preferred color code in the Order Notes at checkout.

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Although we would like to, summers are not only about days spent at the beach or travelling light with just a few T-shirts and a linen dress; we all feel the need for more variety of styles for the summer.

We love the chic element this garment brings to any outfit, even if it’s over a slip dress, with a pair of jeans, or silk shorts, Capri trousers or the perfect summer vacation skirt.

Hand wash in lukewarm water with proper, mild detergent for natural fibres – please read about ”CARE GUIDE” instructions here, or contact us for more information.

While our campaign is located in an ideal beach setting, all of these items pair well with a city look, especially with suit jackets.

Stay tuned also to see how various stylists incorporated some of these pieces in various editorials.

XS (cm / “) S (cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total length 48 / 18.89 50 / 19.68 53 / 20.86 56 / 22.04
Bust 42 / 16.53 44 / 17.32 46 / 18.11 49 / 19.29
Shoulders 34 / 13.38 36 / 14.17 38 / 14.96 40 / 15.74
Sleeve length 20 / 7.87 21 / 8.26 23 / 9.05 24 / 9.44

* Measurements will be adjusted for each order.


270 – 370 grams of premium Italian fine merino, depending on the size.


This is a medium knit, with Level 4 thickness on our 1 to 8 scale. It feels like the daily “have a nice day” hug from a family member, honest, authentic, reliable, comfortable.