“Clouded Squares” Mini Skirt, Lime


Clouded Skirt from 100% organic wool.

*Check additional colors available here or contact us at info@amiamalia.com.

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100% Organic Wool. Undyed and mulesing free.

A delicate gentle hand wash with special wool detergent and flat drying is the best care for any wool clothes. For more info visit “Care Section“.

This table is intended as an exemplification of standardized sizes for this product, we can adjust various sizing parameters based on your request, within technological limitations.

S/M (cm / “) M/L (cm / “)
Total Length 40 /39,37 44 /40,15
Waist 31 /8.26 33 /8.66
Hips 48 /18.89 54 /21.25