“Clouded Squares” Sweater, Natural Yak Wool


Clouded Squares sweater from exclusive yak wool.

*For more colours, contact us at mine@amiamalia.com

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Clouded Squares, by AmiAmalia.

The original Clouded Squares sweater is made from an honest, robust sheep wool, offering plenty of warmth and a higger degree of wind and rain protection than regular wool sweaters, making it a perfect outer layer for cold weather. Is definitely one of the AmiAmalia must have items.
Our new version from exclusive, Italian made yak wool yarn is a luxurious upgrade for the connoisseurs, for those customers who enjoy exploring rare yarns. The softness of this yarn is a gift to our senses, above the feel of the best cashmere, being in the same time very light. The yak wool has not being dyed, retaining its natural color.
This is a true, rare wardrobe jewel.

90% yak, 10% superfine lambswool

A delicate gentle hand wash with special wool detergent and flat drying is the best care for any wool clothes. For more info visit “Care Section“.

This is the perfect piece to high light your styling essence. It can add a contemporary feel to a vintage icon, highlight a new accessory statement , but above all infuse understated elegance ♥️

S/M Short ( cm / “) S/M Long (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total Length 66 / 25.98 76 / 29.92 68 / 26.77
Bust 60 /23.62 60 /23.62 70 / 27.55
Shoulders 66 / 25.98 66 / 25.98 72 / 28.34


Sleeve Length (cm / “)
Conservative 44 / 17.32
Comfortable 52 / 20.47
Contemporary 55 / 21.65

Clothes that fit well last more in our wardrobe , so for this model we are able to accommodate personalized measurements, expressed in number of squares desired for length and width. Send us an email to personalize the perfect size for you.