Iulia Dress, Autumn


Peplum dress from Italian merino wool.

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Why peplum : because we should all have this style in our wardrobe, and one knitted from a luxury yarn is more comfortable and sensual than a tailored one.

Why the sleeves: we love to highlight through powerful/statement elements a woman’s arms, they are for us a metaphor of strength and love. We did this through our Mother Goddess statements , through the folds on our cashmere cuddles, the volume on our Art Dye project.For this design we chose the contrast of rhombs and spiraling lines for a power woman esthetic statement.

Why a top and a dress : because they are so different! 🙂 We just couldn’t choose between the versatility of the top and the wow effect, the magical fluidity of the dress. Both must be experienced ❤️

Iulia Dress is knitted in one ply of a superfine, Italian merino. For comparison, it feels closer to a regular cashmere sweater than to the extrafine Italian merino used in our Jaquard type knits.
100% Italian superfine merino wool

Skinny jeans, leather trousers, formal trousers, palazzo trousers, ruffled trousers – yes, the most relevant piece for styling this beautiful top is the trousers you choose to pair it with

S ( cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total Length 127 / 50.00 128/ 50.39 129 / 50.78
Bust 42 / 16.53 44 / 17.32 45 / 17.71
Shoulders 29 / 11.41 30 / 11.81 32 / 12.59
Sleeve Length 63 / 24.80 64 / 25.19 65 / 25.59