“Knitted Fur” Sweater, Grey


The Fleece Coat from Extrafine Merino Wool.

*Check additional colors available here or contact us at info@amiamalia.com.


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An homage to the magic, beauty versatility of wool, the absolute eco yarn we need to re-discover.

No plastic. No cruelty. Threads of Italian premium yarn from New Zealand merino, multiplied, connected through technology to create products with sustainable values without compromising, but even adding to their beauty, elegance, comfort and versatility.

We have created three different lengths , and we are here to discuss with you the best length to suit your lifestyle.

We will assist you in choosing the color, or colors, should you wish to create your own melange, including a discreet glitter if you wish.

As for styling , it pairs beautifully with your confident skin, or silk, or jeans, or all. A statement piece in itself, but doesn’t overpower jewelry, works well together with pearls, diamonds, or shiny gold.



Hand wash in lukewarm water with proper, mild detergent for natural fibres – please read about ”CARE GUIDE” instructions here, or contact us for more information.

XS/S (cm) M/L (cm)
Total Length 46 /25.19 48 /26.37
Sleeve Length 68 /20.47 68 /21.65
Bust 50 /21.25 54 /22.44



1500 – 2000 grams of premium Italian fine merino, depending on the size.


This is a medium knit, with Level 8 thickness on our 1 to 8 scale.