Neck scarf “Free / Вільна“, Cotton


Neck scarf from organic French cotton.

17 € plus VAT, with 10€ going as donation towards med aid for Ukraine
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We have created a versatile neck scarf inspired by the fields of sunflowers and blue skies of Ukraine ??.
We have three different designs of the flowers, and two different types of yarn, premium Italian soft merino, and organic French cotton.
The scarf is suitable for children and adults, an accessory that can be used throughout the year for some extra warmth as well as to show support for Ukraine.

100% premium cotton.

While cotton resists to high temperature water and intense washing, it can also be washed at lower temperatures and shorter washing cycles, even by hand. This reduces energy consumption and ensures the clothes retain their as-new look.

Machine or hand wash with mild detergent for natural fibers – please read about ”COTTON CARE” instructions here, or contact us for more information.