T-shirt from Yak Wool


Short sleeve top from exclusive yak wool.
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Many years back, in a Central Asian market, with temperatures below -20 C degrees, I was looking at different types of wool and for the longest time I associated the yak wool with a coarse, thick shawl I saw there. As I learned more through the years that all wool is different I know now that a fine wool top in the hands of a great spinner can become a wonder, but I am still beyond impressed with the softness and amazing feel of the Italian produced yak wool we use in our products, makes cashmere “just another regular yarn”.
The yak wool is sustainable and cruelty free, but it is a yarn very little known, and very limited.
We need to know more about natural yarn alternatives to the plastic yarns. Knowledge is awareness, and awareness is essential in our endeavor to offer alternatives to plastic clothes.

We have several designs from this amazing fibre – the Hygge cardigan, the Clouded Squares sweater – and we are introducing also the short sleeve top, the classic, timeless design, adding through the yak wool unparalleled softness and comfortable warmth for many seasons.

90% yak, 10% superfine lambswool.

As all natural wools, this is a biodegradable material, although we hope with care and love will remain as wardrobe jewel for many generations.
A delicate gentle hand wash with special wool detergent and flat drying is the best care for any merino clothes. For more info visit “Care Section“.

Try all the looks you would do with a regular cotton t-shirt, as well as with a silk top.

For a matching look add a shawl or a cardigan from the same yarn.

XS (cm / “) S (cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total length 62/24.40  62/24.40 64/25.19 65/25.59
Bust 42/16.53 44/17.32 47/18.50 49/19.29
Shoulders 35/13.77 37/14.56 39/15.35 40/15.74
Sleeve length 22/8.66 22/8.66 23/9.05 23/9.05