Launched in 2020 by Ami Amalia, the Romanian Blouse Cardigan has quickly become an indispensable element of the contemporary wardrobe, that kind of product that does not follow the line of an ephemeral trend and that successfully implements the concept of a classic piece. 

With a fresh image, which spreads in real time the new aesthetic requirements, with effective communication but also with a natural adoration, which allowed the creation of a true community, the Romanian brand Ami Amalia established itself in just a few years on the international market , becoming a landmark in terms of cool, versatile, practical and stylish knitwear.

One of the great advantages of these products is that they do not take seasonal fashion into account. Or, this is what makes a classic piece – it completes the wardrobe at any time without taking into account the pressure of new and new collections.

With her own knitting factory, Ami Amalia has organically woven a modern story of the sweater as an essential part of the wardrobe, with an accessory that can be worn and styled in many ways.

From basic pieces to ultra-colored sweaters or with applications, it is impossible not to find something that speaks of your style, at any time of the day. But, the piece that has become an “it” product of the brand is, of course, the Romanian Blouse cardigan – with a design registered at the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union.

Customers can give it life as they want, as they feel – they can choose the type of yarn, the combination of colors, the design of the jacket, etc., so that the product becomes a personal signature of a well-defined style, which also includes traditional elements, an aspect of which Ami Amalia always took into account.

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