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”Romanian Blouse” Jacket, White


“Romanian Blouse” Sweater, White


“Square Big” Chunky Sweater


Diana Dress, Black and White


Knitted Leggings with Elongated Stirrups, Black and White


“Clouded Squares” Sweater, White


Clouded Squares shorts from extrafine merino, White


Clouded Squares Trousers


Loungewear Trousers from Italian Cotton, White


Tank-bra, Red


Tank-bra, White

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Knitted bra, White


Knitted Shorts (with middle seam), White


Colour Block Merino Shorts


Knitted Shorts (high waist rib), White


Knitted Shorts (high waist), Light Mint


Knitted Shorts (with side seam), White


“Square Big!” Sweater


Zebra Jacket, Mid-length


Lace knit long dress, A shape