The terms “carded Merino” and “Worsted Merino” refer to different types of yarn preparation processes, and they have distinct characteristics. Here’s the key difference between the two:

Carded Merino:

– Carding is a yarn preparation process that involves disentangling, blending, and aligning wool fibers to create a web or batt of fibers.

– Carded Merino yarn is made by carding Merino wool fibers, which results in a yarn with a somewhat random arrangement of fibers and a textured, lofty feel.

– Carded Merino yarns often retain some of the natural characteristics of Merino wool, such as softness and warmth.

– Due to the less uniform alignment of fibers, carded Merino yarn may have a slightly textured appearance and provide good insulation, making it suitable for cozy and warm garments and accessories.

Worsted Merino:

– Worsted is another yarn preparation process that involves combing wool fibers to remove short fibers and create a smoother, more uniform alignment of longer fibers.

– Worsted Merino yarn is made by using the combing process on Merino wool fibers, resulting in a yarn with a smoother and more uniform texture.

– Worsted Merino yarns tend to be finer, denser, and have a more polished appearance compared to carded Merino yarns.

– The combing process also removes some of the natural crimp and loft of the wool fibers, making Worsted Merino yarn less fluffy but more suitable for detailed stitch patterns and a cleaner overall look.

– Worsted Merino yarns are often chosen for projects where a polished and refined appearance is desired, such as tailored garments and intricate lace or cable patterns.

In summary, the primary difference between carded Merino and Worsted Merino lies in the yarn preparation process and the resulting characteristics of the yarn. Carded Merino yarn is softer, loftier, and has a more textured appearance, while Worsted Merino yarn is smoother, finer, and better suited for detailed stitch work. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of your knitting or crocheting project and the desired texture and finish of the final piece.

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