Imagine, A Coat. Jungle


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Knitting can be perceived as limiting creativity and not as cooperative as other means of designing and creating clothes. I love it, nevertheless, with all its limitations and challenges. And I am also ready to welcome any technological improvements, like the ability of the new machines to work with images.

The coats featured in our pictures are made from Italian fine merino. We are open to accommodate possible yarn allergies and climate conditions and find the best yarn from you. Pricing will vary based on chosen yarn. Also, we recommend this coat to be knit to fit, based on your measurements. Please contact us, in order to provide us with your measurements.

100% Italian extrafine merino from a heritage Italian spinning mill, from Prato. No mulesing, 100% traceable, durable and sustainable yarn. ”Probably the best woollen wool in the world.”

For care, use our instructions for hand washing from our ”Care Guide”.