Jaquard Skirt, Mini, with Feathers details

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Jaquard skirt knitted from Italian Extrafine Merino Wool with custom length and colour.

*Check additional colors available here or contact us at info@amiamalia.com.

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The power accessory to any outfit this season is a matching knitted skirt. The Jacquard  technique is the knitted version of the classic woven fabric, giving it though the fluidity and softness of knitwear.

N.B. products with feather applications require dry cleaning. However, airing and regular steaming of the knitwear will ensure that dry cleaning is needed rarely. Alternatively, you can contact us to have the pockets removed for wash.

Choose any colour and length, our team will inform you when the length is for the short skirt pricing, medium length skirt, or long skirt.

XS (cm/”) S (cm/”) M (cm/”) L (cm/”) XL (cm/”)
Total Length 35 35 35 35 135
Waist 30 32 34 36 38
Hips 48 50 52 54 56




200 – 750 grams of premium Italian fine merino, depending on the size and length.


This fine to medium knit, with Level 3 thickness on our 1 to 8 scale. It feels like the daily “have a nice day” hug from a family member, honest, authentic, reliable, comfortable.