Knitted t-shirt with collar, Navy


Knitted t-shirt with collar, from cotton, more colors available.

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We love the contrast between the unisex, formal collar and the casual elegance of a t-shirt designed for a memorable summer season.

It can be ordered as pictured, or with our custom peony buttons.


100% premium cotton.

While cotton resists to high temperature water and intense washing, it can also be washed at lower temperatures and shorter washing cycles, even by hand. This reduces energy consumption and ensures the clothes retain their as-new look.

Machine or hand wash with mild detergent for natural fibers – please read about ”COTTON CARE” instructions here, or contact us for more information.

Pair it with matching shorts, loungewear trousers or your favourite jeans. Is a perfect item to showcase your favourite necklaces or silk scarf. Wear over a turtleneck for a complex look.

S (cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total length 62/24.40 64/25.19 66/25.98
Bust 50/19.68 52/20.47 54/21.25
Shoulders 36/14.17 38/14.96  40/15.74
Sleeve length 20/7.87 20/7.87 21/8.26