Summer Lace Knit Shirt, White


Long sleeve shirt knitted in lace technique, from cotton.

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For those who prefer to wear cotton and for all of us during those hot weather days we have created this elegant long sleeve shirt, with a relaxed fit and the touch of luxury our Italian custom made peony buttons bring to it.

We have used Italian mercerized cotton – soft, resistant and with silky shine. Designed in a way to be worn as a separate item, or as a set with matching trousers, it is the ultimate summer shirt.

We have 4 different types of lace knit, be sure to spot them all and find your favourite/favourites . We used them for our dresses, the knee length knitted trousers, for a tank top, and for the summer sweater.

100% premium cotton.

While cotton resists to high temperature water and intense washing, it can also be washed at lower temperatures and shorter washing cycles, even by hand. This reduces energy consumption and ensures the clothes retain their as-new look.

Machine or hand wash with mild detergent for natural fibers – please read about ”COTTON CARE” instructions here, or contact us for more information.

We have designed it to be worn as a separate item, or as a set with matching trousers.

Match with a tank top, in the same, or contrasting color (white and navy, anyone ? Soft pink and soft grey?).

S (cm / “) M (cm / “) L (cm / “)
Total length 62/24.40 64/25.19 66/25.98
Bust 50/19.68 52/20.47 54/21.25
Shoulders 50/19.68 52/20.47  54/21.25
Sleeve length 51/20.07 52/20.47 53/20.86