Summer Tank Top Dress, Pastel Yellow


Crochet tank top dress from organic cotton.

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We are introducing in this collection our lace knit. Lace is considered the pinnacle of knitting, because of its complexity, and because is very difficult to obtain something like this in woven fabrics, for example. Indeed, is complex and time consuming, but so beautiful 🙂

We have 4 different types of lace knit, be sure to spot them all and find your favourite/favourites. We used them for our dresses, the knee length knitted trousers, for a tank top, and the summer sweater. And how can we celebrate nature without doing our best to share with you, dear supporters and customers, some remarkable yarns:

– undyed, natural color cashmere spun together with undyed, natural color babycamel ;
– Carriagi cashmere manually dyed in Italy with natural plants following traditional techniques ;
– New Zealand merino (New Zealand being recognized for its cruelty free farming practices) spun with Tencel, to create a technical yarn that is machine washable and brings together the benefits of both the merino and the Tencel fiber, a perfect alternative in athleisure to plastic yarn;
– although not a knitted yarn, we also bring to our customers a jeans material with a story: hand woven from organic cotton in India, part of a project to revive the traditional weaving occupation and allow a sustainable income for the community, this material is naturally indigo dyed. We love it in the shape of a buttoned long skirt, but can be tailored also in a pair of trousers. These items are tailored made in collaboration with a designer from Oradea.

100% premium cotton.

While cotton resists to high temperature water and intense washing, it can also be washed at lower temperatures and shorter washing cycles, even by hand. This reduces energy consumption and ensures the clothes retain their as-new look.

Machine or hand wash with mild detergent for natural fibers – please read about ”COTTON CARE” instructions here, or contact us for more information.

While our campaign is located in an ideal beach setting, all of these items pair well with a city look, especially with suit jackets.

Stay tuned also to see how various stylists incorporated some of these pieces in various editorials.

S/M (cm / “) M/L (cm / “)
Total Length 123 / 48.42 125 / 49.21
Bust 46 / 18.11 48 / 18.89
Shoulders 37 / 14.56 39 / 15.35