Turtleneck “Munich”

 294.99 354.49

A contemporary turtleneck with added pockets and feather details.

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The weight and the design of this turtleneck are the key elements that make our “Interrupted Stripes” pieces so appreciated. Of course, the stripes design as well, but the combination between the number of plus we use, the medium thickness knit and the Ami Amalia specific sleeve and base ribb section, with an inward incline design make these sweater stand out aesthetically, and more importantly, when worn.

For the “Munich” version we have added two pockets as well, with feather details. For those interested in a minimalistic look, the  turtleneck can be ordered without pockets, and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Why feathers ?

Few years before starting Ami Amalia I had the privilege to meet in Firenze the most impressive “piume” artist, visit their 3rd generation atelier and learn about why, and how they do the couture masterpieces they are recognized for in the inner world of high fashion. They salvage the by-product feathers from bird farms, bring them to their atelier and choose the ones that can be used, clean them sanitize them, custom colour them for their projects, and do all the creative work in their atelier. They are the long time partner for the most prestigious couture projects, true artisans. On my last visit there I chose and brought back a limited quantity of feathers to use for myself, special projects and share with our customers.

When ordering a turtleneck with feather details we will make our suggestions of what feathers to use and create an harmonious look and a memorable piece.

N.B. products with feather applications require dry cleaning. However, airing and regular steaming of the knitwear will ensure that dry cleaning is needed rarely. Alternatively, you can contact us to have the pockets removed for wash.

XS (cm/”) S (cm/”) M (cm/”) L (cm/”) XL (cm/”)
Total Length  67 / 26.37  69 / 27.16  71 / 27.95  73 / 28.74  75 / 29.52
Bust  55 / 21.65  57 / 22.44  59 / 23.22  61 / 24.01  63 / 24.80
Sleeve Length  56 / 22.04  58 / 22.83  60 / 23.62  62 / 24.40  64 / 25.19
Shoulders  40 / 15.74  42 / 16.53  44 / 17.32  46 / 18.11  48 / 18.89



650 – 700 grams of premium Italian fine merino, depending on the size.


This is a medium knit, with Level 4 thickness on our 1 to 8 scale. It feels like the daily “have a nice day” hug from a family member, honest, authentic, reliable, comfortable.